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Self-Defense Aikido Genshinkai

Teaches easy to understand, usable Self-Defense Aikido.

Founder Nariyasu Toyosaki has trained in Aikido from childhood; taught at workshops in more 10 foreign countries and trained in several martial arts.

Train with us for self-defense and for health!

Start from Kokyuho (breathing-techiques) and warm up while using deep breathing techniques.

Since Self-Defense Aikido Genshinkai techniques are practiced individually, people of any age or sex, even those with little confidence in their endurance, can increase their skill and stamina little by little.Kif_0080

Aikido is a Japanese martial Art founded by Morihei Ueshiba.

Today Aikido is known and practiced in 70 countries by as many as 150,000 people around the world.

Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba said "Aikido is not for killing an enemy but techniques for harmony"

Homepage: Self-Defense Aikido School Genshinkai & Bushido Iai-Sword School Iaienkukai

You can find also by searching for [Aikido Genshinkai][Self-Defense Aikido Genshinkai][Bushido Iai-Sword School][Iaienkukai]

Youtube http://jp.youtube.com/user/daisejashakuenku


« Iai is...... | トップページ | わかりやすく使える護身術合気道 源心会稽古案内 »







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