Bushido Iai-Sword School Iaienkukai practice Guidance

Teaches esay to undertand Bushido Iai-Sword School.

Chief Instructor Nariyasu Toyosaki has trained in Aikido from childhood; taught at workshops in more 10 foreign countries and trained in several martial arts.

*  Ordinarily practice is scheduled on 3rd Sunday Changes announced in advance.

Kif_0204 *Time: 1: 30 to 3: 30p.m.


Suburi (cutting movement). 

Draw sword and return to saya (sheath) at waist.

Learning Kata(form) practice one by one.

* Place: Seibu Sinjyuku-line Kmigusa station. 7minute walk to toritu Igusa High School.  Nerima-ku Kmishakuji 2-2-43

* Registration fee: \3000

* Monthly Fee: \2000

Instructor: Nariyasu Toyosaki Phone 090-2724-5492

E-mail : NQG00250@nifty.com

Homepage: Self-Defense Aikido School Genshinkai & Bushido Iai-Sword School Iaienkukai

You can find also by searching for [Aikido Genshinkai][Self-Defense Aikido Genshinkai][Bushido Iai-Sword School][Iaienkukai]

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