Iai is......

Teaches easy to understand Bushido Iai-Sword School.

Chif Instrucor Nariyasu Toyosaki has trained in Aikido from childhood; taught at workshops in more 10 forign countries and trained in several martial arts.

SEE and LEARN actual Samurai movements;

that sense of and space between stillness and aggression that was pat of the Sanurai's art and culture, untill now seen only in "Chanbara" period movies of the Feudal Era.Kif_0147

The techniques of Iai, the instantaneous drawing of the sword in realiation when attacked, were doveloped in the late muromachi are known as Sengoku-jidai.

Since the practice of Iaido techniques are done individually, even those with little confidence in their endurance, people of any age or gender, can not only practice but increase their edurance little by little as well.

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