Profile: Arikawa Sadateru Shihan

Arikawa shihan developed a keen interest in martial arts and religion as a child.

He began to study Shotokan Karate before the war, under the instruction of Funakoshi Gichin Shihan and his son Funakoshi Gigo, who taught in Mejiro.He trained in various styles of Karate.

mar0301 At the age of 11, after reading an article by Ueshiba Morihei, the founder of Aikido, in the magazine "Shin Budo," he became fascinated with Master Ueshiba.

After a number of years he received a letter of introduction from Fujita Siko Shihan, 14th Master of Kouga Ryu Ninjyutu and entered Aikido training under the instruction of Master Ueshiba.

After the end of WWⅡ there was considerable civil unrest.

Because street fighting was common, it is said that Arikawa Shihan acquired a wealth of practical experience during that period.

In both his own training as well as in teaching, he was extremely rough and strict, earning the nickname of "Killer" abroad and that of "Demon" in Japan.

However, there was more to Arikawa Shihan than fighting. His extensive research in both modarn and ancient martial arts, religion, culture and history resulted in a collection of over 12 tons of books, articles and papers.

Of even greater significance, was the level of excellence he acquired in mastering Aikido technques.

He also maintained strong connections with masters of a number of other martial arts. As a prominent figure in the Aikikai Foundation, he watched over the development of Aikido after the war.

Preferring to keep a low profile, he continued to support Aikikai from behind the scenes.

In his youth, Arikawa Shihan was considered not only frightening, but ferocious. In his old age, however, he was venerated as the last of the true martial artists.

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