Founder Nariyasu Toyosaki

Founder Nariyasu Toyosaki began his Aikido training at Aikikai Foundation, Aikido World Headquarters(Hombu Dojo), Children's Class under the instruction of Koichi Tohei(Shihan Bucho), in 1971. 

Foreshadowing his future role as an instructor, Toyosaki sensi was awarded a certificate for leadership at the very first children's Practice Meet(Dai 1 kai Rensei Taikai) in 1979.

As a junior high school student, he began training in the adult classes at Aikido Hombu Dojo.

Throughout junior high school , High School and University, Toyosaki sensei pursued rigorous training under various Hombu instructors.

On many occasions, his traning resulted in injuries including damaged cervical vertebrae, dislocated shoulder and broken jaw, which reguired hospitalization and surgery.

Subsequently, he assisted in teaching children's class at Hombu Dojo to help cultivate the next generation of Aikido students.

Kif_0011 Toyosaki sensei practiced under the tutelage of Sadateru Arikawa shihan, from 1988 untill the Master's death in 2003.

During that time, Master Arikawa called on Toyosaki to take on various tasks and responsibilities. He has since been honored with the task of caring for Master Arikawa. Finally he was also left with the responsibility of Master Arikawa's grave site and vast collections of and photos.

Toyosaki sensei studied Iaido under Hakuo Sagawa Hanshi 9th dan Instructor of the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei (All JapanKendo Federation).

He also trained in Kokusai Sotokan Karate under Hirokaza Kanazawa shihan and Karate Kyoukai.

Toyosaki sensi other formal training includes breathing through the center of the KI, studied under Mituya Suzuki and stretch techiniques for sports and daily life studied under instructor Masayo Nabeshima. He has also earned a Community Yoga Teaching License.

In addition to martial Arts Toyosaki seinsi has studied the Japanesae Sward in depth, attending lecturies of the Nippon Bijyutu Token Hozon Kyokai. He also learnd Sword Polishing Theory from Master Hiroshi Yanagata.

Having established connections with masters of various branches of martial arts incluing old style arts, he has been able to accumulate and master a wide range of fine techniques and their finer points.

Kif_0092 Toyosaki sensei has traveled extensively, including to the U.S., Poland, Bulgaria, Mexico, Germany and France, to raise international awareness of Aikido and Iaido through nartial arts Demonstrations. Some highlights are listed below.

1993- Chosen as s representative by Aikido Hombu Dojo for aMartial Arts Demonstration Mission to Arabic Countries (UAE Jordan Saudi Arabia and Egypt), organized by the Japan Foundation. The group was invited to demonstrate at the residence of King Housein of Jordan.

1995- Dispatched to Mexico to participate in Martial Arts Demonstration event organized by Hunam University.

Kif_0116 1998- Dispatched as an Aikido represntative on a Demonstration Tour organaized by the Nihon Budo Kan celebrating "Japan Week" in Canada.

Toyosaki sensei has established Self-Defence Aikido School Genshinkai. In addition, in order to research and develop a deep understanding of Budo, with Iaido as the focal point, Toyosaki sensei has established Bushido Iai-Sword School Iaienkukai.

Homepage: Self-Defense Aikido School Genshinkai & Bushido Iai-Sword School Iaienkukai

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